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Annapurna Flower Trip. Day 3 - Trek from Landruk to Ghandruk.

Today I will try to write in English so my Nepalese friends and Keep Waking Nepal can understand what I write. A summary in Norwegian comes at the end of the post.

Precisely at 6 a clock in morning Prasang my porter knocked on my door. "Good morning Liv, tea for you it's ready". It was time to get out of bed. But before i open the door I have to take a look out of the window. But the weather was like the days before, a little bit hazy and no mountains to see. But it was a lovely morning. I brought my teacup outside, and it was peaceful to sit there in the lovely air and just admire the view.
  After a simple shower, it was time for breakfast. I had found some Tibetan bread, which tasted really nice. Omelet and Tibetan bread became my favorite breakfast during my stay.

After breakfast we had to start on our hour-long trip down to the river. The steep climb went down through stone stairs, almost all the way down to the river bank. And with what soon became normal; Ang and Prasang in the front, and me forming the rearguard.

  One step at a time.

More steps and stairs. But also some onions to see.

 A typical house in Annapurna.

Here some great cabbage and in the background some potatoes.

 Mother hen is out on a morning walk with her chicks.

Landruk is behind us. The slopes downwards consists mostly of cultivated land.
 Lovely to take a short stop and look at the beautiful view.

 Beautiful landscape. And bridge comes closer and closer.
 And then we see the bridge that would take us across to the other side of the river.

 When we got closer we saw that there were some nice houses on the other side of the river.

 It should be good to relax a little bit before we had to start om the long way up the hills to Ghandruk 2250 meter above sea level.

The beautiful river flowed calm down and was not too dissimilar from a Norwegian spring river.

 Ang told me that the bees had their nests inside the mountain side.

 The lovely brigde. Some people on the way to Landruk at the brigde.
 At the first house we passed, a big lovely bougainvillea grew willing on the house wall.

The day was so beautiful. And in hindsight this day was one of the most incredible experiences of the entire trip. Walking up the last steps to where we would make a short stop, I knew nothing about the surprise that met us. I will tell more about the this beautiful surprise and also about the rest of the tour up to Ghandruk in the coming blog posts.

Kort oppsummering på norsk.
Dagen startet med at vi første skulle gå en times tid i steintrapper ned til elva i dalen. Det var ganske bratt hele veien. Terrenget bestod av kulturlandskap så snart vi kom ut av Landruk. På andre siden av elven kunne vi se alle bakkene vi skulle gå opp etter at vi hadde vært nede i dalen. Men først skulle vi ha en skikkelig pause på det lille stedet ved elven. Det skulle vise seg å være litt av et sted for en blomsterelsker. Kommer tilbake til det i neste innlegg.

For more information about Keep Walking Nepal and the trek they have, take a look at:

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